Gently lifts you out of sleep in a peaceful, more natural way.


This is not an alarm clock.

We don't believe in alarms.

Sleep Science

How we wake up has a direct effect on the way we feel - it contributes to our daily mood, energy and behavior. OneClock's sounds are designed to activate your brain gradually, to wake you calmly and gently.


OneClock is designed to replace your alarm and encourage a phone free bedroom - no screens, no Bluetooth, no WiFi, no apps, no notifications - just warm, organic minimalism and a tactile analog experience.

Sonic Research

We researched the best tones, tempos, and frequencies to wake you up gently, and work with award-winning musicians to create exclusive waking compositions.


Low light






Jon Natchez
The War on Drugs

Loud, jarring sounds create stress and negatively impact the nervous system, increasing cortisol levels. We asked Grammy Award winning composer Jon Natchez from The War on Drugs to create a collection of musical compositions to help you wake up better.

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Waking music made exclusively for OneClock.

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Soft to Loud(er)







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Captain Planet
aka Charlie B. Wilder


Powder coated aluminum
FSC Certified wood

USB-C cord with US plug adapter
Internal backup power system

High performance Balanced Mode Radiator speaker
Adjustable waking volume

Swiss designed analog movement
100% silent
12-hour timekeeping

Designed in Boulder, CO

4.4×3.5×7.1 in
2.7 lbs

11.2×8.9×18 cm
1.2 kg

The gentlest thing in the world overcomes the hardest thing in the world.


The proportions of OneClock are based on the golden ratio




A few years ago, we had an idea for a new kind of alarm clock to replace the phones on our nightstands. We wanted something simple, clean, tactile, and elegant - without all the devices and screens that seem to sneak stress and distractions in between the sheets with you. Something that would wake us up gently, with thoughtful music instead of a digital beeper or blaring buzzer.

Customer Reviews


121 Reviews


Verified Buyer

My OneClock is fantastic. I am not startled awake. Rather, I am conscious and then realize the gentle OneClock music playing in the background. Simple to operate, clean style and it works. Amazing.

Bryan Cochran

Verified Buyer

Exactly as advertised, and quite enjoyable

This clock is well designed and beautifully made. The functions are all very clear and well laid-out. Setting the alarm is a joy, as the hands move to switch between the current time and the set time for waking. As other reviewers noted, you do need to make sure that the alarm is set every day, but this is easy to do because the tiny indicator light lets you know if it's set. I was most excited about waking to the Natchez-created sounds, which are beautiful and harmonious (if...I must say...just a tad melancholy). The gradual increase in volume allows you to wake easily.

Daniel Ferguson

Verified Buyer

My favorite item in my bedroom.

I am a backer of the OneClock. I am someone who has been trying to find ways to increase my sleep rituals to improve my sleep. One thing I learned to be necessary was not having devices in the bedroom. Plus, having an alarm clock with big bright numbers made me anxious if I ever woke up since I could see how long I had been awake, making me stay up longer. That is when I came across OneClock. It is analog; it is simple, and it is beautiful. No big bright numbers, no bright lights, just simple pleasure. Plus, the music wakes you up ever so gently, like a kiss from an angel or a loved one, that it is hard not to wake up with a smile after a great night's rest. This clock does not cause a great night's sleep, but it helps me improve my sleep hygiene. Thanks OneClock

Andrew Kuhlman

Verified Buyer

So Far so good

I've had the clock for about a week and haven't had any issues waking up with the alarm. It does seem like a more peaceful experience waking up versus the jarring screeching of my normal alarm clock. My biggest complaint is that there is no AM/PM on the clock. This forces you to remember to set the clock alarm every evening before bed. Otherwise, the alarm goes off every 12 hours. This of course can cause issues if you are one of those people who may lay down and fall asleep earlier than you normally would and forget to set the alarm. This is probably not for those who may go out drinking at night and come home forgetting to set the alarm. My only other complaint is the lack of snooze feature. Not horrible, but it would be nice to double tap the thing in the morning and have it snooze for a set period of time. I get the excuse that snoozing probably isn't good for your wake up routine. However, for us snoozers out there... we probably don't care :-).